Uvalde County Fairplex
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Uvalde County Fairplex

The Uvalde County Fairplex became a result of many years of work and anticipation by the citizens of Uvalde County.
It’s a group, community-wide effort. Everyone came together and worked together to make sure that we put out a venue that would be equal to none and one that South Texas and Uvalde County can be proud of for many, many years to come.
The arena is great for rodeo’s, stock shows , bull riding’s and things of that nature. The special events center is great for weddings, quinceañeras and conventions. Then, we have the pavilion which will be good for musical groups.
The Fairplex will bring economic development, enjoyment, entertainment and people to this community. We can have all kinds of activities that will bring people together.
The arena is such a large facility….171,000 square feet under roof. There’s a WOW factor. People will walk in and say ‘my goodness, this is truly a grand facility’, and it is. It’s one in which when people leave Uvalde, they’re going to want to come back and attend more events.
It’s truly a magnificent facility!
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