Jaime DeAnda
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Jaime DeAnda

Date: Sept 03, 2022
Time: 8:00 PM - 9:15 PM
Jaime's story begins in Northside Houston Texas where self-made Mexican/American businessman Raul DeAnda managed a band and owned a shop. This is the place where his young son Jaime found his love of music. Jaime would spend most evenings watching his father’s band practice in the shop, he would make his own instruments and mimic their sounds and movements, bringing great joy to his father’s face.

By six years old Jaime was already playing drums with his father’s band. At 13 Jaime picked up the instrument that would help him make Conjunto/Tejano History.

In 1979, with Jaime at the helm, Los Chamacos de Raul DeAnda would gain international recognition with their unique stage performance and hit songs such as “Un Puno de Tierra” followed by “Pajaro Negro” “Sin Sangre En Las Vegas” and “Amores Solitarios.”

This would propel Jaime amongst the Tejano/Conjunto greats Jaime once admired as a child, such as Flaco Jimenez, Steve Jordan, and Jorge Hernandez. Establishing his place as one of the industries leading Accordionist.

After years of shaping and grooming his son’s talent, Raul DeAnda would retire to spend more time at home with his loving wife Connie, passing the band on to his son.

In 1989 Jaime Y Los Chamacos was born. Throughout the 1990s and 2000’s Jaime Y Los Chamacos would dominate The Airwaves and The Conjunto Music Scene dropping a number of hits like, “Como Te Llamas Paloma” “Yolanda” “Un Complejo” and “Ex Novia.”Johnny Canales would go on to name Jaime y Los Chamacos “#1 Conjunto Show Band.”

In 2018 Jaime would announce he was setting out to “take back his destiny” and embarking on a solo career announcing tryouts for a new band called JDA. After 40 years in the industry, Jaime is still performing + dropping music, also giving “Zoom Music Classes” teaching young artists the instrument he loves.
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